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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way

How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way

Cloves are a useful remedy to lose weight. It can be used to make medicinal teas, mixtures with other spices, such as cloves tea with Honey and Cinnamon. Clove helps to lose weight and make the skin of the body smooth and beautiful.
In this article by Trace wellness, we will discuss the benefits of cloves for weight loss.
How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way
How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way

Composition of cloves

Before we move to how to use cloves for weight loss we need to understand the composition of cloves (ground) It includes: water - 6,5g, fats - 20g, proteins - 5,9g, carbohydrates - 26,9g, cellulose - 34g, ether (clove) oil - approximately 20%, and also the vitamins of group A and B (B1, B2, B3), C; mineral substances - potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, iron.

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Cloves recipes for weight loss

Dry clove buds contain beneficial trace elements and vitamins. About 20% of the composition is an essential oil. The rich composition helps to lose weight. There are many benefits of cloves for weight loss as cloves are known for relieving headaches, helping to increase pressure in case of hypotension.  Cloves are used to make diaphoretic therapeutic tea. Cloves benefits for men are extraordinary as cloves keep men's sexually healthy, mainly because a small amount of clove can increase testosterone.

Cloves tea recipe for weight loss

Clove for weight loss can be used in the form of tea, which is insisted by breeding the powder of this plant in boiling water. According to which an infusion of cloves is prepared for medicinal purposes.
To do this, you need 1 tbsp Clove buds. The buds should be whole, not chopped and must be ground independently to a powder state. Then add to the obtained powder 1 cup boiling water and leave for 4 hours. The resulting warm infusion should be drunk 1/3 cup before meals. It is believed that cloves reduce appetite and, thus, the person taking the tincture eats less food at dinner. And automatically it will help him to lose weight. 

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Clove benefits Fast Metabolism Beverage Recipe

You need two teaspoons of green tea without additives, one teaspoon of clove and cinnamon powder, a little natural vanilla. All the elements should be put in a ceramic teapot (with thick walls), pour 0.5 litres of boiling water there and leave for 20 minutes. The resulting tea with spices is not only tasty but also medicinal. It improves metabolism in the body and fills with energy.

Cloves and ginger tea for weight loss

Metabolism can also be improved with clove tea with the addition of ginger. Especially such a drink is recommended to drink in the winter. As the basis for the drink, you can take green or black tea. It will need one teaspoon. Take the fresh ginger root and grind it on a grater with clove powder. Put the components in a teapot and pour boiling water (0.5 litres), insist for half an hour.
Drink with lemon and honey, diluting the resulting tea leaves with water. You can drink no more than 1 cup of clove tea per day. In large quantities, this spice irritates the stomach and, instead of benefit, will only do harm.

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Cinnamon and Clove for weight loss

Of course, no type of spice is a panacea in the fight against hated kilograms. Therefore, their use should be combined with a reasonable diet and regular exercise. But tea with the addition of cloves and cinnamon will be able to help remove excess moisture from the body and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Such a drink will become an indispensable assistant during the onset of winter cold when it is especially important to monitor the condition of the body. To charge yourself with good mood and good spirits right in the morning, brew ground cloves in a teapot - 1 tablespoon, add a little vanilla, cinnamon and 10 grams of green tea. With its unusual aroma, this drink will wake you up and set you up for work.
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Cloves and honey for weight loss

Many will be surprised how honey can be useful in losing weight because it has a rich composition. It turns out that natural, high-quality honey is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are natural compounds that cleanse the cells of our body from by-products of decay formed during the metabolism. Thanks to them, as well as a whole pantry of vitamins and minerals, we can quickly and "sweetly" lose weight, not forgetting, of course, that we must comply with the measure in everything.
Even ordinary honey water is considered extremely beneficial. If you add spices to it, then such a drink will act as a mild laxative, improve digestion and provide vigour and lightness for the whole day:
A tablespoon of chopped cloves, cinnamon stick,10 g of tea - you can choose anyone to your taste, One teaspoon of honey.
Mix everything and brew with boiling water. You can drink such tea chilled.

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  • These are patients with gastritis, especially those who have increased the acidity of gastric juice, should not use cloves homemade remedies for weight loss. People with kidney and liver diseases should also not consume a lot of cloves.
  • It should be noted that cloves should not be given in large quantities to children. The use of various products with cloves is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.
  • This seasoning, as well as others, can cause allergies. Therefore, if the first signs of an allergic reaction (redness of the skin, itching) are found, then you should not use cloves by any means.
  • Experts say drinking no more than 1 cup of medicinal tea with cloves per day. This spice may irritate intestines, and if you take medications in larger quantities than necessary, and can cause you various diseases of the digestive tract.

Can I lose weight with cloves?

Clove for weight loss, like any other herbal remedy, is not a panacea that will quickly and easily get rid of extra pounds. The losing weight should be approached comprehensively: observe a diet, organize the right food, and also perform various exercises that will help you to lose weight.
If you are allergic to cloves, Ask your doctor before using cloves for weight loss. Don't forget to share this article ''How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way'' by Trace wellness.

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