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Saturday, August 17, 2019

lemon benefits for skin you should be following

lemon benefits for Skin

Lemon is a natural remedy that benefits the skin. It is is also one of the most potent antioxidants. The application of lemon enhances skin beauty. Lemon benefits for skin are because of its richness in vitamins. 
lemon benefits for skin
lemon benefits for skin
In "lemon benefits for Skin you should be following " by Trace wellness, we will learn about these aspects of lemons.
  • Origin of the word Lemon
  • Type of Lemon
  • composition of Lemon: 
  • Lemons nutrition 
  • Benefits of Lemon for different types of Skin
  • Can pure lemon juice burn the Skin?
  • Precautions for using Lemon juice

Origin of the word Lemon

The word " lemon " according to one of the existing versions is borrowed from Italian (" Limone "), and the Italian name of the fruit, in turn, is the result of the assimilation of the Persian "limun" (meaning any citrus fruit from the Persians). 
Lemon is the fruit of an evergreen tree, representing the genus Citrus, the family Rutaceae. Among the variety of citrus fruits, Lemon is, if not the most popular, then, undoubtedly, one of the most useful and significant in terms of the medicinal properties of fruits, yielding primacy in the vitamin rating only to orange. 

Type of Lemon

  • Eureka (Eureka), also known as oil gram, oil plus, fruit top has a distinct papillary bulge, the Skin is rough, with longitudinal ribs, thick Skin, the flesh is sour.
  • Lisbon (Lisbon), the top of the fruit has a longer nipple-like cusp and often bends to one side. The skin is smoother, the fruit base also has a more pronounced neck, and the flesh is very rich in acidity.
  • Meyer (Beijing lemon), also known as bergamot, Meihua lemon, is a variety selected in Beijing Fengtai, strong cold resistance, thin and smooth Skin. Fruit top has a small convex tip, the flesh is rich, but contains The acidity is low. There is also a crude lemon C.
  • Swingle school believes that it is a hybrid of Lemon and broad-skinned oranges, its peel is lemon yellow, very rough. The top of the fruit has a short sarcoma-like protrusion, the heart is large and empty, and the seeds are few. Fast growth, drought resistance, and resistance to nematodes. Used as a rootstock material abroad.

Composition of Lemon

Water                                         88.9%  
Carbohydrates                             9.32%
Alimentary fiber                           2.8%
Squirrels                                     1.1%
Fat                                              0.3%   
Calories (Kcal)                             29    

Lemons nutrition

Fresh Lemon has low calorie and is rich in citric acid. It is the best source of potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. 
The bioflavonoids of lemon juice are much lower than the fruit because it is mainly present in the Skin and membrane of the fruit. 
Lemon peel contains considerable citral, which is an aldehyde that is relatively resistant to the action of vitamin A. It must be ensured that the supply of vitamin A in the diet is sufficient to eat a large amount of lemon peel. 

vitamins in Lemon

Another benefit of Lemon is that it is extremely rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B2, which are needed for hair growth. In addition, lemon juice is actually irritating. This irritant can promote skin metabolism, improve the capillary circulation, sterilize and remove oil. It is similar to ginger and can stimulate hair growth. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin P. Calcium contains an insulin-like ingredient. 

Benefits of Lemon juice for Skin

lemon benefits for skin
lemon benefits for skin
Lemon for face Skin prone to the formation of comedones helps to rub lemon juice. First, you need to steam your face over the steam bath. For Oily Skin with enlarged pores, wiping with composition is useful. Combine beaten egg white, 100 ml of vodka and juice of one lemon.

Mask for oily skin prone to acne

Two tablespoons of white clay (in powder) diluted in 2 spoons of alcohol, add 15 drops of lemon juice. Soak the mask on the face for a quarter of an hour and rinse with cold water. 

Mask for normal or sensitive skin

The homemade lotion is prepared: the juice of half a lemon is mixed with a teaspoon of glycerin and a quarter cup of water. 
Mask for bleaching freckles with dry Skin:
Mix in equal proportions lemon juice, cream and hydrogen peroxide (5%). Apply this to the face with a cotton swab and rinse with warm water after half an hour. All carefully rub, and composition wipes face and decollete area before bedtime. 

Mask for dry Skin

From the dried lemon peel to prepare the flour, rubbed the zest in a coffee grinder. Mix a teaspoon of such lemon flour, egg yolk, and sour cream. Withstand the mask for 20 minutes, causing the face and neck.

Can pure lemon juice burn the Skin?

If you smeared the pure Lemon and then put yourself in the sun, then the trouble is coming. Lemon contains furocoumarin and psoralen, which reacts to cause dermatitis (PPD). This phototoxic reaction can cause long blisters and rashes on the skin.
So, if you still insist on applying the pure lemon juice directly to the skin, then you should stay away from the sun within 8-10 hours after the application! For added safety, lemon juice can be combined with other ingredients such as olive oil or honey to reduce acidity.


The Lemon is matched with the appropriate food, sweet and sour, and the fragrant fragrance is straightforward, refreshing, and the lips are fragrant. Matching with the ingredients of the gram, but the Lemon loses its original nutrition and efficacy, and may even cause harm to the human body.

During the female menstrual period

Lemon is a cold fruit, and women should try to avoid frozen food during menstruation. Therefore, it is best not to drink lemonade during menstruation. If you want to pursue a cosmetic effect, you can use milder honey water.

Pregnant women

Pregnant people can't eat lemons. Just pay attention to the right way when eating. You can't eat lemons on empty stomachs. You can't drink ice. It is best to drink warm lemonade, which helps to slow down the morning sickness and make the skin more beautiful. Smooth.

People with excessive gastric acid secretion

People with stomach ulcers and excessive gastric acid secretion should not drink lemonade. Because lemon contains a lot of calcium and acidic substances (nicotinic acid, organic acid), the PH value is as low as 2.5. The digestion of gastric acid needs to absorb calcium so that the body absorbs less calcium, and acidic substances will also lead to increased gastric acid secretion. There are people with stomach cold; it is best not to drink lemonade, because it will aggravate the condition.
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