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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Health benefits of strawberries - Queen of berries

Health benefits of strawberries - Queen of berries

Strawberries are called the queen of berries for a unique, incomparable taste and aroma. The sweet, aromatic, resilient, juicy and mouth-watering pulp is flowing out with the most delicious juice. Health benefits of strawberries are briefly explained below by trace wellness.
Health benefits of strawberries
Health benefits of strawberries

Health benefits of strawberries

Improves memory

The use of strawberries slows down the ageing process of the brain. It also prolongs its functional life, allowing us to stay in good health with a sharp memory. It is also exciting research, which proves that the daily use of strawberries improves short-term memory. 

Improves eyesight

Strawberries are suitable for sight. Studies show that daily expenditure of strawberries inhibits the development of macular degeneration of the retina, cataracts, dry eyes and other problems associated with the eye factor. The unique biochemical composition of the Strawberries allows preventing the emergence of diseases affecting the eyesight.


Antioxidants are substances that prevent the damaging effects of active oxygen in the cells of the body. Antioxidants protect the body from premature ageing and serious diseases.

Phenolic compounds 

Strawberries contain a large number of phenolic compounds which have strong antioxidant properties. The daily consumption of strawberries increases the body's ability to resist the effects of free radicals. 
Strawberry - the reservoir of the Ellagic acid
Ellagic acid is the regulator of the cell cycle. And most often it is found in Strawberry. The substance is known for its ability to stop the mutation of cancer cells. Among all the products on the content of ellagic acid strawberry takes the honourable third place. Strawberries help to suppress tumour processes. Strawberry strengthens the immune system and protecting it from external attacks.

Vitamin C content

Strawberries are a reliable source of vitamin C. A handful of these berries contain more vitamin C than one orange. The truth is that it should be in mind that only ripe, ripe dark ones grown under the bright sun can boast of such wealth, and not in the strawberry greenhouse. Interestingly, in the frozen strawberries, this vitamin will remain in almost the same amount as in fresh.

Cancer prevention

The regular use of strawberries helps to reduce the chances of developing cancer. Due to the presence of high density of vitamin C, ellagic acid, and other beneficial substances, Strawberries can prevent the development of some forms of cancer. 

Useful for the figure

Strawberries have a low glycemic index, which means it inhibits the addition of fat. Strawberries contain substances that contribute to the burning of fat. The effectiveness of the diet is increased by 24% for those who included strawberries. 

Normalizes Blood Sugar

Strawberries are the berries that people with diabetes can eat. Due to its unique composition in all respects, and a high level of phytonutrients. Strawberries do not add to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, and also slows down the absorption of sugars. Because of this, Strawberries are suitable for people with a high risk of diabetes.

cardiovascular system

Strawberries reduce the risk of occurrence and development of numerous cardiovascular diseases. Strawberries are rich in various vitamins and antioxidants. It is much more critical that deposits of magnesium and potassium are in ripe berries. Strawberries are useful in the normalization of blood pressure.

Strawberry prevents Allergy

Strawberries are suitable for people suffering from various types of allergies. It would seem that ripe, fragrant, bright-flavoured years should be kept away from people with similar problems. But no, because of its unique biochemical composition, strawberries inhibit inflammatory processes and specific biochemical reactions associated with the manifestation of allergies.
Studies show that if a woman consumed strawberries during pregnancy, the risk of developing an allergy to her in a child would be minimal.

Strawberry benefits for pregnant women

Strawberries are especially useful for women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Due to the folic acid, it contains this berry tones the uterus and helps to strengthen the fetus

Strawberries are 80% water

Strawberries are 80% water. It is because of this that it is so useful for blood formation and the Heart. Strawberry water contains many beneficial components, so it also normalizes the rhythm of the heartbeat and contributes to its proper operation.
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