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Friday, August 23, 2019

Are Kohlrabi leaves edible? Based on recent researches

Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?

kohlrabi leaves contain a mass of unique substances. Kohlrabi is one of the few products that are both nutritious and beneficial. Are Kohlrabi leaves edible? Can you eat kohlrabi leaves? Its a common question asked by most of the people.
Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?
Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?
In this article"Are Kohlrabi leaves edible" by Trace Wellness, we will briefly explain:
  • composition of kohlrabi leaves 
  • kohlrabi leaves nutrition
  • Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?
  • Traditional kohlrabi leaves recipes
  • Side effects of kohlrabi leaves 

Composition of kohlrabi leaves 

chemical composition of kohlrabi leaves per 100 grams
  • Calorie                             44 kcal 
  • Fats                                 0.1 gram
  • Squirrels                          2.8 grams
  • Carbohydrates                  7.9 grams
  • Water                              86.2 grams
  • Organic acids                    0.1 grams
  • Alimentary fiber                1.7 grams
  • saccharides                       7.4 grams

kohlrabi leaves nutrition

There are two varieties of Kohlrabi: green and purple. Despite the difference in the colour of the top layer, the insides of the vegetable do not differ in colour and nutritional value.


  • Potassium                       370 mg
  • Calcium                           46 mg
  • Magnesium                      30 mg
  • Sodium                           10 mg
  • Phosphorus                      50 mg
  • Iron                                0.6 mg

Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?

Kohlrabi leaves are edible. We can eat kohlrabi leaves as they have fructose in it. It also provides valuable minerals. Sulfur, which is part of this Kohlrabi, prevents the development of colon cancer. There is only one contraindication to the frequent use of Kohlrabi - this is a disease of the stomach, associated with increased acidity. But in this case, it all depends on how to cook Kohlrabi. So many nutritionists agree that we must eat Kohlrabi leaves.

Traditional kohlrabi leaves recipes

kohlrabi leaves Holiday salad

kohlrabi leaves Holiday salad
kohlrabi leaves Holiday salad
Here are recipes for how to cook raw Kohlrabi. A salad with chicken and pineapple can replace a light lunch or be a tasty snack for a festive table. We clean two tubers of kohlrabi turnip, chop on a grater. 250 g of boiled chicken fillet cut into pieces. We grind three hundred grams of pineapple rings into segments. We mix everything in a beautiful salad bowl. In a separate bowl, add a pinch of hot red pepper to seven tablespoons of mayonnaise. Spread it neatly over the Salad. Garnish with lingonberries and chopped fresh herbs of dill and parsley. You can also rub cheese and boiled egg on top. We remind you that for salads it is best to use young, juicy Kohlrabi. Moreover, such a vegetable can be eaten with not only a turnip but also tender green tops. Chop the leaves along with the rest of the greens.

kohlrabi leaves soup

Consider how to cook Kohlrabi if the cabbage is young. In the summer it is not difficult to buy this greenish vegetable. We take two small kohlrabi tubers. We clean turnips, we keep leaves. Two apples are freed from the peel, cut into cubes, like Kohlrabi. Dissolve three tablespoons of butter in a saucepan, simmer fruits and vegetables for 5-6 minutes. 
Fill with any broth (800 ml). Bring to a boil, add 400 ml of cream. As soon as it starts to gurgle again, remove from heat and puree with a blender. Finely chop the leaves of Kohlrabi and parsley, mix with 250 g of cottage cheese and half a glass of sour cream. We season this mass of soup. Correct the salinity and severity of the taste. Sprinkle the prepared soup with crushed nuts and nutmeg. Can be served with doughnuts or buns grated with garlic.

Dishes from Kohlrabi in a slow cooker

All of the above dishes (except salads) can be prepared with the help of a kitchen unit. To make it clear which mode to apply and what time to set, here is another way. We clean two kohlrabi tubers, cut into cubes, and the onion randomly. In a multicooker bowl, melt a spoonful of butter, mix it with the same amount of vegetable, fry the onion. 
Add Kohlrabi. We use all the same "Frying" mode with the multicooker lid open Salt, pepper, pour a mixture of equal amounts of broth and sour cream (about half a glass of each ingredient). Close the lid, set the "Extinguishing" mode for half an hour or forty minutes. We put half of the boiled egg in the plates, fill it with ready-made soup, decorate with greens.

Side effects of kohlrabi leaves 

Kohlrabi leaves have one interesting side effect - flatulence. Also, in this type of cabbage, purines are present, which can provoke stones in the urinary and gall bladder. Therefore, Kohlrabi should not be eaten by patients with dysfunction of this organ. Share this article"Are Kohlrabi leaves edible?"

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