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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Stress can kill, relax your mind with these stress management techniques

Stress can kill, relax your mind with these stress management techniques

How to overcome the crisis? How to get out of it with your head held high? How to find a “plus” in a difficult situation and not feel guilty? How to relax your mind in stress? 
Stress management is a popular science about how you can manage yourself in times of stress. Stress management can lead you to relax your mind and improve your daily life, facing with enthusiasm the challenges that life puts every day. Bringing stress to your advantage of learning techniques and tools that can help you reduce anxiety can be an idea. We believe we can help you.
stress management techniques
stress management techniques

How does stress affect human beings?

There are mainly three dimensions in which stress goes to affect us critically.

The physical dimension

Those who are stressed can suffer repercussions at the body level, such as the manifestation of symptoms such as migraine headaches, stomach pain, excessive sweating and other responses by the organism that indicate that our body is not holding the accumulated tension sufficiently.

The psychological dimension

In addition to the body, stress also affects the mind. In other words, being stressed causes negative psychological consequences: the alteration of one’s mood provokes reactions such as anger, sadness, fear and many other negative emotional responses.

The behavioural dimension

Stress affects habits ordering, think for example of nutrition and cases of anorexia or bulimia, rather than disorders of insomnia or difficulties in completing deliveries in the workplace. Anxiety can make our behaviour dysfunctional with others, inevitably affecting interpersonal relationships.
Can you fight stress and relax your mind, avoiding being overwhelmed by the physical, mental and behavioural responses we have just seen? Sure.

Here are stress management techniques for you. 

Define the problem

“To define a problem well is large to have solved it,” said Benedetto Croce. The ability in problem setting is the first requirement for effective stress management. We need to develop analytical skills, thanks to which we can improve the focus on the issue. For each problem, a solution: having identified what the “heart” of the critical issues is, it will be easier to identify possible strategies to remedy.

Think about possible alternatives to change the situation

Is there only one solution? Not always. It is always good to evaluate the alternatives of choice to make changes to a critical situation. In these cases, it might be useful to take a sheet and write down all your choice options.

Learn time management skills

Manage time to manage stress. Another useful indication concerns time management, or the ability to optimize the time available. What is the link with stress management? The lack of time resources is one of the aspects that generates the most anxiety in People, which is why learning time management techniques is a useful solution for self-control.

Practice meditation

Give yourself time for yourself and for your wellbeing. Meditation helps to develop a greater awareness of oneself; this practice brings benefits in everyday life, especially in a society characterized by multiple sensory stimuli and a state of complexity that creates nervousness in People.

Change the habits that generate you tension

The habit is worn out, especially if it is detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing. Making changes to your life is not always easy; the fear of change plagues many people. Learning to deal with new situations and eliminating those habits that are a source of stress for us is a possible solution.

Energy follows our attention

The more we allow our mind to focus on anxiety and on what makes us nervous, the more these thoughts take on and overwhelm us. It’s natural.
“Energy follows our attention.”
The secret, therefore, is to distract our mind. Acting is the best way to do it, writing, for example, in our diary (or smartphone if we have nothing else available). The gesture of writing, in fact, engages our mind, weakening anxious thoughts.

Breathing is important to relax your mind

Stress and anxiety take away the air and keep us constantly with our hearts in our mouths. Little by little and without your realizing it, headaches and muscular tensions will come. When this happens, try to regulate your breathing little by little.
Begin by placing your hands on your abdomen and inhale deeply; you will see how this contracts and how your chest expands. Hold the air for a few seconds and then exhale little by little. You will notice how part of your inner weight goes away with the air. This technique is very relaxing and will help you relax your mind.

Schedule a way out

You do not change it, falling into a panic. It is clear that the first thing I want to do is regret myself. This is not worth doing. The less emotion there is, the better.
How to do it? Let’s analyze a very specific situation, for example, job loss, dismissal from work. What should be done in this situation? Write a list of features. So, it is very, very simple - take and write a list of features on a large separate sheet:
People who are able to give you advice, help, influence the situation.

Ask yourself questions

That I love?
What do I like to do?
Am I ready to devote my life to this?
What profession is closest to my hobby, hobby?
Perhaps it is this crisis situation that will “push” to the discovery of new talents!
Do not be afraid to say what you want in the future.
Draw a “result image”. Realize your desires, turn it into goals and stages to achieve goals. Direct your thoughts in this direction. For many people, the problem on the road to achievement is precisely this - they do not know what they want.

Recall proud moments of your life

Perhaps, after the lesson that you are experiencing now, all the good that fate has prepared for you in the future will seem three times tastier. And look at the situation “from the future.” In a year, two, three, five, ten, how will you see it? It is unlikely in such dark tones as now. So recall your proud moments, and it will help you to manage stress, and it will relax your mind.

Spend your time on things you really care about

Stress management can be taken as art. Spend your time on things that you really care about. Things that you actually want to do. Things you really love to do. Things that give you a lot of energy and pleasure.
The fact that in the future will give you a pleasant investment - write articles, learn English, read professional literature, learn a new profession, new computer programs, educational films. Time is an irreplaceable resource. How you use it now can affect your future life.

Your palace, your refuge

Here is a simple example to understand this strategy: Imagine you are at work, with a lot of things to do, a tense atmosphere, lots of noise and colleagues who talk to you and stress you. Or imagine that you have just quarrelled with your partner and that, at the same time, your children are waiting for you to go to school.
How can you relax your mind? View an empty room. A private palace full of calm and peace, where you can close the door and be alone. Beyond the door, there are noises and worries, but you are safe in this intimate and silent space. You can sit and think about things calmly.

To conclude, it is essential that you know how to find the best way to relax your mind. Each person is unique and special, and not everyone needs the same advice. Try each of these methods of stress management, to find out which of these is best for you.
Always remember to set priorities in your life; don’t just think of others to forget yourself. Value yourself as you deserve, defend your personal. 

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