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Boiled eggs benefits - salmonella warning and useful recommendations

Boiled eggs benefits - salmonella warning and useful recommendations

It is proven that boiled eggs have many benefits. There are salmonella warning and useful recommendations for boiled eggs at the end of this article. 
Boiled eggs benefits
Boiled eggs benefits

Boiled eggs benefits for the body

It attracts so many simple dishes, such as boiled eggs can be used in many dishes. The combination of delicate proteins and semi-liquid yellow mass seasoned with salt and spices is a delicious dish.
Short-term heat treatment does not have the time to destroy nutrients that have a positive effect on the body.
The body quickly absorbs such an egg without causing digestive problems. The dish can be included in the diet. According to nutritionists, it is particularly useful to combine a boiled egg with citrus products to quickly burn fat. But there is a small condition: we think that these products are incompatible, so we must eat citrus fruits first, and after 15-20 minutes - one or two boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs benefits and effect on the body

The danger for many supporters of a healthy diet lies in the fact that egg yolks contain a large amount of a component as harmful as cholesterol. Because in the food, they argue, should only include Proteins, which perform a cleaning function, once in the human body. Also, they are composed of a group of vitamins and amino acids. And for those who are afraid to take extra pounds, protein can be safely included in the menu because it is low in calories.
However, in defence of yellows, you can also say a lot.
Indeed, it contains cholesterol, but unlike cholesterol, which includes animal fats, it positively affects the body. Also, its effect is attenuated by the presence of lecithin, and its amount exceeds the amount of cholesterol. This substance helps the membranes of human cells to function normally.
Many believe that the presence of cholesterol in the body is a dangerous symptom, but it is necessary for a person both "bad" and "good." The key is to keep the right balance between them. After all, this substance is actively involved in the vital processes of the body and can, if necessary, assume the functions that other elements must fulfil. For example, replace the calcium work, if it was too little.
The cholesterol contained in the yolk decomposes very rapidly and, because of the presence of phospholipids in the yolk mass, the excess cholesterol dissolves, bringing invaluable benefits in case of lesion of the skin: the tissue regeneration is faster.

Salmonella Warning 

It must be admitted that hard-boiled eggs not exceeding 3 minutes are not subjected to a thorough heat treatment, as the risk of introducing Salmonella into the body still exists.
People with diabetes must limit their egg consumption.
Some people, especially in their childhood, may have an allergic reaction after eating an egg. In this case, it is possible to replace a chicken egg with a quail. If the response remains the same, it means that the body completely rejects this product.

Useful recommendations for boiled eggs benefits

By buying eggs from regular sellers and making sure their product has a quality certificate, you can minimize the risk of salmonellosis.
Before boiling an egg, you should wash it under warm running water by rubbing it with a brush, because Salmonella penetrates inside, even if a small shine has appeared. So, it is advisable not to buy eggs with damaged shells or litter marks. If such eggs are at home, they should be subjected to prolonged heat treatment.
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