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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

10 Powerful self-confidence tips to boost low self-esteem

10 Powerful self-confidence tips to boost low self-esteem

If you don't trust yourself, no one else will have it for you.
Lack of self-confidence is one of the leading causes of our suffering, in particular people with little faith in their abilities. In short, confidence, the so-called self-esteem, is the ground on which you build the castle of your successes. Here are 10 Powerful self-confidence tips to boost low self-esteem.
Powerful self-confidence tips
Powerful self-confidence tips

Watch out for thieves of self-esteem

There are people who often, even without realizing it, rob us of our self-esteem by repeating demotivating phrases or convincing us of faults that we do not have. Identify these people and re-evaluate their judgments carefully; don't let them steal the security you have of yourself and try to become more emotionally independent. To learn more, I suggest you read the article on energy vampires.

Keep the promises

We lose self-confidence when we do not keep the promises we make to ourselves for too long. On 1 January (or after returning from holidays) we encourage ourselves to get back in shape, and a year later we found ourselves more fat and unmotivated than ever. If you want to have more self-esteem, make few promises to yourself, realistic and above all, keep them.

Train yourself

The training is something that goes far beyond health, well-being and physical fitness: sport is a school of life. Any physical activity requires resilience, determination, motivation. Train your muscles to strengthen your spirit. No excuses.

You smile

Can you do something to resolve your difficulties? Smile and do it. If you cannot, Smile and don't care. But, do not forget to smile: it is a gesture as simple as it is useful to improve your mood and give a push to your self-esteem. Smile is a powerful tool to boost low self-esteem.

Fake it till you make it

One of the tricks used in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy to help those suffering from lack of self-esteem, but also stress and panic attacks, consists precisely in pushing the patient to act as if he had no kind of disorder, applying what is called the technique of "as if". Think of the person you would like to become one year from now and start acting ... "as if" you already were that person. This technique is compelling.

Pay attention to your internal dialogue

As we have seen in our inner voice, she is the master when we speak of self-esteem. Another effective remedy against low self-esteem is to erase excessive self-criticism and be slightly more malleable, in short, be kind to yourself. However, be careful to cancel only the senseless and weakening self-criticisms, without constructive self-criticism, we stop growing and improving.

The physical aspect has to do with self-confidence

Let's start with a little reflection: you could even spend a century in your body, so it makes more sense to take care of it properly. Not to mention that a well-groomed appearance transmits positive signals to your brain; to further investigate this aspect, read the article on self-esteem I indicated to you before.

Start with simple goals

One of the most powerful ways to increase self-confidence is to set yourself small, very simple and easy to meet goals. For example, clean up your PC, your desk or go to a specific place that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, then move on to more important goals and build your self-esteem a little at a time. In short, it's time to get out of the comfort zone.

Enhance and create valuable experiences

Often the lack of self-confidence is due to the lack of extraordinary experiences that have led to adequate psychological growth. Have you ever noticed that there are people of the same age but that some possess a strong personality, high self-esteem and ability to carry out projects while others seem to have stopped their growth and their life experience many years before? Probably the first category of people has relevant and stimulating expertise from which it has gained a great experience, which is now part of their strength. The experiences shape us and make us grow, so the idea is to enhance your valuable skills and to create new noteworthy experiences.  Use these 10 Powerful self-confidence tips to boost low self-esteem.

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