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How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way

Cloves are a useful remedy to lose weight. It can be used to make medicinal teas, mixtures with other spices, such as cloves tea with Honey and Cinnamon. Clove helps to lose weight and make the skin of the body smooth and beautiful.
How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way
How to use cloves for weight loss the secret way

Composition of cloves

Before we move to how to use cloves for weight loss we need to understand the composition of cloves (ground) It includes: water - 6,5g, fats - 20g, proteins - 5,9g, carbohydrates - 26,9g, cellulose - 34g, ether (clove) oil - approximately 20%, and also the vitamins of group A and B (B1, B2, B3), C; mineral substances - potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, iron.

Cloves recipes for weight loss

Dry clove buds contain beneficial trace elements and vitamins. About 20% of the composition is an essential oil. The rich composition helps to lose weight. There are many benefits of cloves for weight loss as cloves are known for relieving headaches, helping to increase pressure in case of hypotension.  Cloves are used to make diaphoretic therapeutic tea. Cloves benefits for men are extraordinary as cloves keep men's sexually healthy, mainly because a small amount of clove can increase testosterone.

Cloves tea recipe for weight loss

Clove for weight loss can be used in the form of tea, which is insisted by breeding the powder of this plant in boiling water. According to which an infusion of cloves is prepared for medicinal purposes.
To do this, you need 1 tbsp Clove buds. The buds should be whole, not chopped and must be ground independently to a powder state. Then add to the obtained powder 1 cup boiling water and leave for 4 hours. The resulting warm infusion should be drunk 1/3 cup before meals. It is believed that cloves reduce appetite and, thus, the person taking the tincture eats less food at dinner. And automatically it will help him to lose weight.

Fast Metabolism Beverage Recipe

You need two teaspoons of green tea without additives, one teaspoon of clove and cinnamon powder, a little natural vanilla. All the elements should be put in a ceramic teapot (with thick walls), pour 0.5 litres of boiling water there and leave for 20 minutes. The resulting tea with spices is not only tasty but also medicinal. It improves metabolism in the body and fills with energy.

Cloves and ginger tea for weight loss

Metabolism can also be improved with clove tea with the addition of ginger. Especially such a drink is recommended to drink in the winter. As the basis for the drink, you can take green or black tea. It will need one teaspoon. Take the fresh ginger root and grind it on a grater with clove powder. Put the components in a teapot and pour boiling water (0.5 litres), insist for half an hour.
Drink with lemon and honey, diluting the resulting tea leaves with water. You can drink no more than 1 cup of clove tea per day. In large quantities, this spice irritates the stomach and, instead of benefit, will only do harm.

Cinnamon and Clove for weight loss

Of course, no type of spice is a panacea in the fight against hated kilograms. Therefore, their use should be combined with a reasonable diet and regular exercise. But tea with the addition of cloves and cinnamon will be able to help remove excess moisture from the body and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Such a drink will become an indispensable assistant during the onset of winter cold when it is especially important to monitor the condition of the body. To charge yourself with good mood and good spirits right in the morning, brew ground cloves in a teapot - 1 tablespoon, add a little vanilla, cinnamon and 10 grams of green tea. With its unusual aroma, this drink will wake you up and set you up for work.

Cloves and honey for weight loss

Many will be surprised how honey can be useful in losing weight because it has a rich composition. It turns out that natural, high-quality honey is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are natural compounds that cleanse the cells of our body from by-products of decay formed during the metabolism. Thanks to them, as well as a whole pantry of vitamins and minerals, we can quickly and "sweetly" lose weight, not forgetting, of course, that we must comply with the measure in everything.
Even ordinary honey water is considered extremely beneficial. If you add spices to it, then such a drink will act as a mild laxative, improve digestion and provide vigour and lightness for the whole day:
A tablespoon of chopped cloves, cinnamon stick,10 g of tea - you can choose anyone to your taste, One teaspoon of honey.
Mix everything and brew with boiling water. You can drink such tea chilled.


  • These are patients with gastritis, especially those who have increased the acidity of gastric juice, should not use cloves homemade remedies for weight loss. People with kidney and liver diseases should also not consume a lot of cloves.
  • It should be noted that cloves should not be given in large quantities to children. The use of various products with cloves is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.
  • This seasoning, as well as others, can cause allergies. Therefore, if the first signs of an allergic reaction (redness of the skin, itching) are found, then you should not use cloves by any means.
  • Experts say drinking no more than 1 cup of medicinal tea with cloves per day. This spice may irritate intestines, and if you take medications in larger quantities than necessary, and can cause you various diseases of the digestive tract.

Can I lose weight with cloves?

Clove for weight loss, like any other herbal remedy, is not a panacea that will quickly and easily get rid of extra pounds. The losing weight should be approached comprehensively: observe a diet, organize the right food, and also perform various exercises that will help you to lose weight.
If you are allergic to cloves, Ask your doctor before using cloves for weight loss.

Benefits of dates for skin

There are many benefits of dates for skin. Especially as it is suitable food for adults, young children, infants, and athletes. Dates contain different vitamins, including vitamin B5, which helps in the process of regeneration of damaged cells.
benefits of dates for skin
benefits of dates for skin
Dates maintain skin moisture Gives your skin softness & beauty AND Protects skin from various cracks caused by dehydration due to sun exposure and others. In this article, we will explain the benefits of dates for the skin.

Dates moisturizing your skin

The most common skin problem is dehydration, but don't worry. You can avoid this problem by eating a few grains of dates. Dates retain moisture inside the skin cells, making them look moist and supple and fight dryness.

Wrinkle treatment

When skin is exposed to fatigue and lack of nutrients in the absence of a healthy diet, which causes wrinkles and fine lines, but you can avoid this by focusing on eating dates. It activates the production of collagen in the body and repair Damage the skin cells, thus keeping the skin tight.

The freshness of the skin

Dates give freshness to your skin, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, all of which enhance the beauty of the skin and shine 

Dates for face care with water 

Soak four dates in an appropriate amount of warm water until it is soft, and form a cohesive mixture. Put the mixture on the face. Leave it for no more than a quarter of an hour to dry. Wash the face with lukewarm water thoroughly, and repeat this recipe once a week. 

Dates and milk for skin mixture

Put three grains of dates in a large bowl. Add the right amount of whole milk. Place the mixture in a sunny place for only two days. Grind the mixture using an electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture, and apply it to the face. Leave it for at least a third of an hour. Wash the face with lukewarm water, preferably repeat the recipe once a week for best results. 

Dates and lemon juice 

Mash four grains of dates. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the face for no more than half an hour. Wash the face with lukewarm water thoroughly, and it is recommended to repeat this process twice a week for effective results. 

Dates and eggs 

Mix a grain of dates with egg yolk, and place them in a suitable bowl: mix lemon juice, and rose water. Mash the mixture well for a firm mixture. Apply this on the face, leaving it for no more than two hours. Wash the face with cold water thoroughly, and repeat this recipe three times a week.

Dates prevent dryness

The benefits of dates for the skin Helps moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. Soaking dates with a little warm water, kneading until the mixture is firm, distribute the mixture on the skin and leave it to dry, then wash the skin with lukewarm water. It delays the appearance of signs of aging because it contains collagen, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Nourishes the skin and increases its freshness. Help get rid of grain effects. Protects skin from cracks caused by exposure to sunlight

Dates fight against free radicals 

As mentioned before, dates are rich in natural antioxidants polyphenols more than any other fruit or vegetable. It protects the skin from oxidation, stress, and prevention of acne. Dates are rich in biologically active substances called phytochemicals. They act as antioxidants, one of which is carotenoids, an antioxidant that works to fight free radicals in the skin. 

Dates for prevention of harmful rays 

The date seed oil has been used on the skin to prevent damage from exposure to sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays. Studies have found that these can be repaired and treated due to the antioxidant activity of dates such as phenol. 

Date nuclei for the skin

The benefits of date nuclei for the skin are: Delay the appearance of signs of aging. Hide fine lines in the skin. Hide and remove dark circles from eye contour. Dates Provides superior protection for sensitive skin. Rejuvenate and repair cells in the skin. Enable the skin to release the collagen necessary to maintain its vitality and youths — protection from skin cancer.

Rotten potatoes

Rotten potatoes and potato toxicity is the result of exposure to tubers of pathogenic fungi or bacteria. Mistakes made during planting, growing, harvesting and storing potatoes contribute to the rapid spread of disease and crop loss. Rotten potatoes smell disgusting and cause rotting of neighbouring vegetables. However, with the help of straightforward preventive measures for rotten potatoes and mass rotting of tubers can be prevented, and the damage can be minimized.
Why are rotten potatoes dangerous for health?
Why are rotten potatoes dangerous for health?
Before going in any description, we will point out our goals which we are gonna discuss in this article "Why rotten potatoes are dangerous for health." 
  1. What is the poisoning effects of the rotten potatoes?
  2. Can rotten potatoes make you sick?
  3. Different causes of rotten potatoes.
  4. Side effects of rotten potatoes,
  5. How to protect potatoes from rotting in storage?

What is the poisoning effects of the rotten potatoes?

Rotten potatoes contain some toxic alkaloids, mainly Solanine and Chaetine, but generally cooked at 170 ° C, poisonous substances will decompose.
The potato contains Solanine, the poisoning component is Solanine, also known as potato toxin, but its content is shallow (0.005% - 0.01%), which is not enough to cause poisoning. However, in rotten potato, the content of Solanine in the shoots and buds can be as high as 0.3% - 0.5%. A healthy human body once ingested 0.2-0.4 grams of Solanine can cause acute sprouting potato poisoning.

Can rotten potatoes make you sick?

Rotten potato poisoning occurs 2 to 4 hours after eating. The performance is: 
First itching or burning sensation in the throat, 
Burning or pain in the upper abdomen, 
Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea; 
Deep poisoning may cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and blood pressure due to severe vomiting and diarrhoea, Besides, often accompanied by dizziness, headache, mild disturbance of consciousness, etc., severe cases also coma and convulsions, and finally death due to heart failure, respiratory center paralysis.

Differents causes of rotting of potatoes

Why does potato rot immediately after harvesting, why does it begin to rot only at the end of storage? The answer is simple - rot is caused by different types of infection.

Rotting of potatoes by bacterial infections

The disease affects tubers, stems, leaves, and stolons. When the tuber is cut, rot is visible, which is located around the circumference. The disease is widespread and destroys up to half the crop. Affected tubers can transmit the disease for several generations without symptoms. A characteristic sign is a specific yellowish mucus, which is secreted by a section of the sagging leaves, the plants grow dwarf. The disease spreads when harvesting through damage to the skin of the tubers.

Rotting of potatoes by brown bacterial (quarantine disease)

Brown rot of potatoes destroys up to 70% of the crop in those countries where it is shared. Since 2011, the causative agent of the disease has been found on food potatoes from warm countries. Infection occurs through the root system. The first sign is the sudden withering of leaves, branches and the whole plant. The tuber turns brown and softens the vascular ring. During storage, the pulp is converted to dark mucus.

Potato wet rotting

Potato wet rot spreads quickly when stored in a warm and humid room with insufficient ventilation. Damp rot - penetrates tubers through cuts, scratches or cracks in the peel that occur when potatoes are affected by various types of scab.

Dry rotting of potatoes

Fusarium (dry rot) is a disease that develops during storage of tubers. Dry rot of potatoes affects tubers in the field, but the disease appears only during storage. First, greyish-brown folds appear on them, then the flesh of the potato becomes loose. And finally, the tissue dries, cavities with fluffy mycelium appear inside. Fusarium potatoes in storage are transmitted only to tubers with damaged peels.

Late blight rotting of potatoes

Late blight can be determined by the appearance of brown, blurry spots on the upper leaves, which appear during the closure of the tops. The plant either withers or rots, depending on the weather. The tubers become infected during the growth period; the spots on them are grey-brown, slightly depressed, dense. Without protective measures, late blight in 3 weeks can destroy the entire potato field. If you do not immediately destroy the first affected bushes, then this will cover the whole site. 
The most effective way to combat the causative agent of the disease is to spray potato plantings with a 2% solution of Bordeaux mixture;

Ring rotten potatoes 

A tuber girdles a wide yellow ring of infected tissue. The disease is dangerous because a diseased tuber is almost impossible to distinguish from a healthy one. Rotten patches of pulp are visible only on the cut of potatoes.

Side effects of rotten potatoes 

Moderate intake is not dangerous and excessive use may lead to several side effects, including: 
  • Proper potatoes should be eaten as the potatoes that turn green with some buds carry some poisons that can not be disposed of and may cause abdominal pain and vomiting and diarrhoea. 
  • They contain specific proteins that can sometimes cause allergies and nausea. 
  • You should avoid taking them with anticoagulant medications as taking them with these drugs may lead to bleeding and bruising.

Protecting potatoes from rotting in storage

Pathogenic fungi continue to live in the repository even after all the potatoes are taken out. Therefore, before laying a new crop for storage of potatoes, the cellar is bleached with lime and copper sulfate, and all shelves and boxes are disinfected with a potassium permanganate solution. To get rid of mold.

Creative mindfulness exercises for children and adults

During the last centuries, Mindfulness techniques have been applied to solve different mental health problems, such as stress, anxiety, sleep-related disorders or pain tolerance, among others. creative mindfulness exercises are very helpful for children as well as for adults in this regard.
creative mindfulness exercises
creative mindfulness exercises

In this article by Trace wellness, you will learn
  1. What is mindfulness?
  2. Objectives of mindfulness
  3. How mindfulness solves problems
  4. Benefits of mindfulness activities
  5. Mindfulness activities for anxiety and depression.
  6. Creative Mindfulness exercises at work
  7. Mindful exercises for children and its benefits
  8. Mindfulness exercises for adults 
  9. Fun mindful activities that you can not afford to ignore

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the most useful tools to achieve emotional balance and improve people's concentration and well-being. Its effectiveness has been proven scientifically, and there is increasing evidence that its use contributes to regulating emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, help you sleep better and promote creativity. Also, mindfulness is enriching for those who are healthy and without psychological imbalances, who want to live their lives more fully.

Objectives of mindfulness

The fundamental objective of mindfulness is directed at providing us with a method to learn how to manage trapped emotions, reactions, attitudes, and thoughts to face the situations that life presents us, through the practice and perfecting of full consciousness. Thus, we may be able to discover that through the development of mindfulness in the present moment we develop certain positive attitudes in relation to our mental state and emotions, coming to control them from freedom, self-knowledge also acceptance.

How mindfulness solves problems

If I read the above list again, I realize that most of these problems are in my mind. Of course, there are external factors: work, children's stress, and housework, interruptions and digital distractions. But how my mind deals with those external factors is the problem.
When I am fully present, with full attention, external factors are no longer a problem, because it is only me and that external factor, at that time, and not a million other things to worry.
Being present then becomes a way of handling any problem, any distraction, any stressful factor. Let everything else disappear, leaving only you and what you are dealing with right now.

Benefits of mindfulness activities

The benefits of these mindfulness activities for children and adults are explained by the way the brain develops.
  • Emotional regulation.
  • Impulse control.
  • Ability to build positive relationships.
  • Tolerance and empathy.
  • Regulation of fear
  • Attention, concentration, learning.
  • Morality and compassion.
  • Positivism, harmony, and valuation
  • Satisfaction, joy, and happiness
Mindfulness promotes the skills which have a great impact on the development of skills such as judgment, self-regulation, and patience. But it also gives them tools for their self-development. That is, increasing their ability to pay attention, focusing on studies and the tasks they perform, as well as motivating their observation, exploration and learning skills.

Mindfulness exercises for anxiety and depression

The lifestyle of Western societies can lead many people to suffer stress, causing psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety, etc. Like yoga, meditation and mindfulness reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that is released in response to stress. Cortisol is necessary for the body since it regulates and mobilizes energy in stressful situations, but if we have too much or it increases in cases that we don't need it, it produces many side effects. The practise of mindfulness gives its practitioners a state of calm and serenity, which undoubtedly affects our physical and emotional health. In this way, cortisol levels drop, also causing blood pressure to decrease.

Attentive music

While walking to your workplace and coming back to home. Take advantage of these moments to appreciate the sounds, the tone, and the instruments used. It is possible that music evokes certain thoughts. Try to remove them from your mind and concentrate on the moment of the song. It is another mindfulness technique for very effective anxiety.

Focus on an activity that requires attention.

Whether colouring a mandala, playing a piece of music, cooking or baking or knitting and sewing, any of these activities require careful attention that makes "forget" those anxious thoughts.

Regulate your breathing.

One of the most common physical reactions with anxiety problems is to regularize your breathing. So using one of the bases of mindfulness, paying attention in full awareness to the breath, will help balance the breath. It is advisable to inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, exhale through the mouth for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds and start the rhythm. By focusing attention on breathing, it will help clear the mind of thoughts that cause anxiety symptoms.

Creative mindfulness exercises at work

Sometimes we are anxious and do not focus on the task that we are developing, because we are absorbed in thousands of thoughts and, although we believe we have conscious control of our attention, what happens typically is that we are attending to feelings about the past or the future.
What it is about, in terms of productivity and efficiency in the actions we develop, is to say: if what I am experiencing I like and want to continue, I must concentrate on this and leave aside the rest of the concerns.

To achieve this lifestyle, here are some tips:

  • First, accept the things you cannot change for yourself, as they are.
  • Then choose a space, a place and a time of day where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Decide how much time you will spend and commit to comply. It usually starts with a few minutes and expands with practice.
  • Be very patient and do not expect short-term results.
  • Breathing is essential: a gentle, deep and constant inspiration must be performed through the nose
  • Pay attention to the judgments that your mind tends to make frequently and, during the time you set, let them flow, but try not to hold on to them.
  • There is a version of the exercise that involves taking a minute to breathe before each decision that has to be made during the day.

Mindfulness exercises for children

creative mindfulness exercises for children
creative mindfulness exercises for children
Mindfulness exercises for children is a fun way to help small to acquire conscious habits, to relax, to be more grateful, more friendly and happier.
However, conscious exercises should be done, leaving expectations aside. While calm and development are the effects of mindfulness, the main objective is to give them the skills to stay present here and now.

Walk on thin ice

This is a mindfulness exercise for children that helps them slow down their reactions to calm down and maintain awareness in the present moment, in the body and in movements.
Tell the child to pretend that he walks on thin ice and that he must move slowly and carefully.
This exercise can be more fun, and you can increase the awareness of the movements by pretending that you are a radio announcer. Say things like: "You are slowly raising your right leg and repositioning it very carefully."

The art of touching (Group exercises)

For this exercise, it is necessary to place the children in pairs. One of them is given an object (a pen, a toy, a stone, a ball, etc.), and he is asked to close his eyes. The child who has the object describes it to his partner.
After one or two minutes, the same process is performed, but this time, it is the other partner who is responsible for describing the object. Despite the simplicity of this activity, it is ideal for teaching the little ones that they can isolate their senses and, if they wish, they can focus their attention to live different experiences.

Breathe with your friend

This mindfulness exercise for children, called "Breathing Buddy" in English, is a good way to teach a child to meditate. Have the child lie down and put a stuffed animal on his belly.
Tell him to breathe in silence for a few moments and watch his stuffed animal move up and down with his breath.
Encourage him to discover other sensations in his body. You can tell him to imagine that the thoughts that come into his mind turn into bubbles and float.
Make him feel his breathing and the movement of his stuffed friend again.

Mindfulness exercises for adults

Adults can exercise mindfulness in their daily lives virtually anywhere, and any time is good to focus on the present moment, adopt a nonjudgmental mindset and treat each other with compassion.

Exercise of the five sense

This exercise is simple and can be applied quickly in almost any situation. All it takes is to be aware of our senses and experience each of them separately. To perform this activity, you have to follow this order: Look at five things you can see. Look around and choose something you would not normally notice, such as a shadow or a small crack in the ground.
Look at four things you can feel. Become aware of things you are feeling in the present moment. You can feel the texture of the breeze on your skin and the smooth surface of the table.
Look at three things you can hear and focus on the sounds around you — for example, a bird, or the sound of traffic on a nearby road. Look at two things you can smell. Pay attention to the smells that you are generally not aware of and see if they are pleasant or unpleasant. The smell of the nearby pines, the beach if you live on the coast or a fast food restaurant near your home.
Observe the taste of your mouth. Focus on the taste of the present moment. You can sip a drink you have on hand, chew gum, eat something and even notice the taste of your mouth without eating anything.
This is an easy exercise to practice, which can quickly take you to the here and now. The time you spend with each sense depends on you, but each object of attention should last one or two minutes. The idea is not to perform meditation but to return to the present with an improved state of consciousness.

Mindfulness feeding

With the rhythm of life that we have today, it is usual that we do not stop for a moment to connect with ourselves, even when we have a few minutes to eat because we either put the television or we are going around what we have What to do this afternoon. Well, it is possible to practice mindfulness while eating or having breakfast. To perform the conscious feeding exercise, you have to pay full attention to what you are going to eat.
You can start by focusing on what you are holding. Look at the sensation of what you have in your hands (for example, a toast or fork). Once you are aware of the texture, weight, colour, etc., focus your attention on the smell. Finally, bring the food to your mouth, but do it slowly and with full awareness. Note the taste or texture as it melts in your mouth. This activity can help you discover new experiences with foods that you frequently consume.

Active listening: observe nonverbal language

This activity is ideal for developing the capacity for active listening. Active listening is not hearing the other person but is totally focused on the message that the other individual tries to communicate. It is being in the here and now with full awareness. We not only focus on the words of the issuer, but also on what he tries to convey through nonverbal language.
For this exercise, it is necessary to put in pairs. One member has two minutes to explain the pleasant experience of his life or an opinion about a recent event, while the other actively listens. How do you look, your posture or your gestures say? Do you seem proud when you tell? Does it transmit passion? The receiver has two minutes to observe the nonverbal communication of their partner carefully. After finishing the exercise, both count their experience as active listeners.

Fun and creative mindful activities

Here are some fun and creative mindfulness exercises that you can not afford to ignore.
Take a shower with full attention: appreciating the touch of water, temperature changes, the smell of soap.
Brush your teeth, putting all your attention on the hand, the brush, the paste and the sensations in teeth, gums, tongue.
Concentrated coffee: or tea, or juice, water. Whatever you have for breakfast. Listen to the sound of the coffee maker or the kettle, observe the process of making your drink and wake up your smell with its aroma. Look at the changing colours if you make any mix. Feel the heat of the cup in your hands, the touch on the face of the steam. Finally, analyze the taste by taking small sips.
Move to connect with the body: Physical exercise is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Pay your attention, especially to three aspects: breathing, the postures you adopt and the movements you make, moment by moment. If you are running, listen to the sound of your feet on the ground, perceive the air in the skin. If you lift weights, feel the cold metal bar in your hands. Do not let negative thoughts and distractions take over your body. Let them pass and focus on the body.
Listening carefully: in case you did not know if you have two ears and one mouth is to listen twice as much as you speak. At least one conversation a day, with anyone with whom you interact, intend to listen to it with all your attention. When she or he addresses you, breathe, land in the present and open your sense of hearing. Listen without interrupting, without giving your opinion, without completing the phrases to your interlocutor. This exercise is essential to transform relationships. You will tell me.
The self-check: Pause and evaluate the state of your body and your mind. How is your posture? Are you clenching your jaws? Are you thirsty? You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself through these records if you practice regularly. Try introducing these mini checks more or less every hour. If it serves you, you can set some alarm to let you know. Ding-dong: connect with your privacy. Ding dong: keep going.
Empty the hard drive: Take 10-15 minutes to sit just with a pencil and a notebook. During this time, write what goes through your head. Put black on white the thoughts that swirl in your mind. All who arrive unselected Like the exercise of putting images into an idea, putting words helps clarify it. It is like clearing the forest of the mind. Then it is clearer, and you can discover treasures hidden by the weeds.
Musical practice: Music can also be a useful tool for exercising mindfulness in everyday life. Ideally, choose a song you've never heard before and played. Do not give thoughts to thoughts that arise by assessing the style of the interpreter or the letter if you understand it. Let all those ideas appear and listen with your mind and senses open.
Try a guided meditation: At this point we recommend you practice meditation 10 minutes a day. You have to follow the itinerary we have done for you.
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How to attract an alpha male? 

There are different types of men, but male alpha males always stand out. How to attract an alpha is not a cup of tee if you don't know an alpha male traits. To get his attention and make him chase you is what we are going to teach you in this article.
How to attract an alpha male
How to attract an alpha male?
In this article, we will discuss:
  1. What is an Alpha Male? 
  2. Alpha male traits
  3. signs of alpha male attraction    
  4. How to attract an alpha male?
  5. How to keep an alpha male
  6. Can an alpha man and an alpha woman be together? 

What is an Alpha Male? 

Usually, the alpha male is called the most dominant man in the group, or the strongest, or the most self-confident. Not one who is merely confident in his abilities and strong enough, but he also gives the appearance of strength and confidence.

How to use Aloe Vera For Skin whitening?

How can we use Aloe Vera For Skin Whitening? is a common question, the whitening effect of aloe vera gel is good. Aloe vera gel is rich in trace elements and a large amount of collagen. which is good for repairing dullness or stain on the face.

How to use aloe vera for Skin whitening?
How to use aloe vera for Skin whitening?
In this article "How to use Aloe Vera For Skin whitening ?" by Trace Wellness we will discuss these points
  • How to use Aloe vera lotion for skin whitening and facial beauty?
  • How to use Aloe vera gel cream for skin whitening?
  • How to use aloe vera lip balm?
  • How to use aloe vera sunscreen for skin whitening?
  • How to use Aloe vera for acne and dry skin?
  • Side effects of aloe vera for skin 

Why do apricots make you poop?

Apricot fruit is soft yellow, rich in aroma, sweet and juicy, and is one of the main fruits in summer. We are about to find Do apricots make yo poop because of its high fiber content?  Do dried apricots also make you poop because their nutritional value is almost similar?
do apricots make you poop
do apricots make you poop?
In this article "Why do Apricots make you poop?" by Trace Wellness we will discuss these points
  1. Nutritional value of Apricots
  2. How many apricots should you eat to prevent constipation?
  3. What will happen if you eat extra Apricots?
  4. What is fiber, does it make you poop?
  5. Which fiber should patients choose for constipation?
  6. What are the common misunderstandings about bowel movement?
  7. Precautions for eating high fiber food

Nutritional value of apricots

The nutrients contained per 100 grams of  apricots are as follows: 
  • calories                                 330.00 (kcal)
  • protein                                  2.70   g
  • fat                                         0.40   g
  •  carbohydrates                        83.20 g
  • dietary fiber                            4.40   g
vitamins and minerals in Apricot
  • vitamin A                 102.00    μg
  • vitamin C                 3.00        mg
  • calcium                    147.00    mg
  • phosphorus               89.00     mg
  • potassium                 783.00   mg
  • magnesium               55.00     mg
  • iron                          0.30       mg
  • zinc                          3.80       mg
  • copper                      7.67       mg
  • manganese                0.24      mg

How many apricots should we eat to prevent constipation?

The daily uptake of apricot is  8-10 apricots for a healthy person. A large volume of dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements and reduce the time food stays in the intestine, and make you poop. On the other hand, the dietary fiber is fermented by bacteria in the large intestine, directly absorbing the water in the fiber, making the stool soft and causing a laxative effect.

What will happen if you eat extra apricots?


Apricot fruit contains more plant acid, which has a strong stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines after eating. Excessive consumption can cause excessive gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, and other symptoms, which seriously affect digestive function and diarrhea. 

Gain weight

Apricot is extremely high, reaching 9-13%. Moreover, mostly glucose and fructose, apricots will soon be converted into blood sugar after consumption, and more can not be consumed in time, will be converted into fat accumulation in the body, increase weight. Therefore, people in the weight-loss period should not eat a lot of apricots.

What is fiber, does it make you poop?

What is fiber, does it make you poop
What is fiber, does it make you poop?
Dietary fiber refers to the part of plant food that cannot be digested. There are many types of fibers, which can be divided into two categories: insoluble fibers and soluble fibers. The main function of insoluble fiber is swelling, which is used to regulate the function of the intestines, prevent constipation, and maintain the health of the large intestine. At the same time, insoluble fiber often gives us a feeling of fullness, which is very useful for people who are dieting and losing weight. The main sources of insoluble fiber are whole wheat cereals, whole wheat bread, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The difference is that soluble fiber can help reduce blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and improving diabetes. The main sources of soluble fiber are fruits, vegetables, soybeans, and oats.
There are to major types of fibers are found in apricots

Soluble fiber

When the soluble fiber enters the gastrointestinal tract, it is dissolved in water and gastrointestinal fluid and is converted into a gelatinous substance, which is hydrolyzed by bacteria in the large intestine. Reduced-fat absorption, help control weight: as a thick gel to expand, soluble fiber can block fat digestion and absorption.

Insoluble fiber

Insoluble fibers are insoluble in water or gastrointestinal fluids and remain unchanged as it passes through the digestive tract.
Prevent constipation: insoluble fiber absorbs liquid adhered in the gastrointestinal tract and feces in the preparation of food residue formed. Accelerate the movement of waste and help prevent constipation.
Reduce the risk of diverticular disease: by preventing constipation, insoluble fiber helps reduce the risk appears small folds in the colon, it can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

What are the sources of soluble and insoluble fiber content?

Both types of fibers are present in apricots and that's why apricots make you poop. Insoluble fibers include plant cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, which are often found in the roots, stems, stems, leaves, skins, and fruits of plants. Food sources include vegetables, especially dark green plants, peels, whole wheat products, wheat bran, and nuts.
Soluble fibers include plant gums, mucilage, and pectin, which are often found in plant cell fluids and intercellular substances. Food sources include soy products (beans, black beans, red beans, green beans, etc.), fruits (zucchini, grapefruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, prune), whole grains (oats, barley, buckwheat).

Which fiber should patients choose for constipation?

Soluble fiber dissolves in the digestive tract and forms a gel, which keeps the stool soft and laxative and makes you poop.
Insoluble fiber does not decompose in the digestive system, which can increase the volume of feces, promote colonic peristalsis, and is more likely to produce intentions and shorten the residence time of excreta in the intestine.
It can be seen that the two types of fibers, although different in mechanism, alleviate constipation, and most plants with high fiber content contain both insoluble and soluble fibers, so it is not necessary to separate them.

What are the most common misunderstandings about bowel movement?

Eat more radish can make you poop

This is a common misunderstanding in constipation diet. Constipation is divided into many types, such as heat secret caused by internal heat, spleen and kidney deficiency, and the deficiency caused by the deficiency of body fluid. In middle-aged and old age, the proportion of sham secrets is large. In layman's terms, it is insufficient gastrointestinal motility. White radish has the effect of digestion and deflation, and flatulence constipation is a practical use. But for the elderly, the original gas is not enough, and then diarrhea, constipation is even heavier.

Drinking tea can make you poop?

People who are constipated should not drink too much. Because tea has an astringent effect, drinking too much will increase constipation. However, YOU must drink more water. Ordinary people - drink 12,00 ml of water a day, constipation should drink 2OO ml, drink these waters into eight to ten times, can ensure the intestinal moist, help relieve constipation.

Precautions for eating high fiber food

Dietary fiber should be eaten more. Dietary fiber can really relieve constipation, but it can also cause flatulence and abdominal pain. People with poor gastrointestinal function may cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. Not all diets rich in dietary fiber have laxative effects, such as yam, which is warmer and more conspicuous.
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